Promoting Events and Activities in PPS Schools

  • 皇家华人 Public Schools only allows the distribution of materials for events and activities for students that are either district-sponsored or from a governmental organization. “District-sponsored” means coming from a PPS central office department, from a PPS school, from a PPS school’s foundation, from a PPS school’s parent-teacher group or from a PPS school’s booster club. This category also includes organizations that are currently on contract with PPS. Examples of governmental organizations include the City of 皇家华人, 皇家华人 Parks & Recreation, Metro, Multnomah County Library, Oregon Zoo and Multnomah Educational Services District. 

    PPS schools can distribute and display materials for events and activities for students that are from the district or a governmental organization without getting central office approval. Organizations on contract with PPS must first get central office approval before their materials can be shared with PPS schools. Governmental organizations and organizations on contract with PPS must provide their own copies of fliers and posters. Additionally, all approved materials must include the organization's non-discrimination policy/statement. 

    Lawn signs are only allowed for sharing of district information, such as advertising a school-sponsored event or recruiting for PPS departments. Outside organizations are not allowed to display lawn signs on district property. Parent groups and booster clubs may have lawn signs on school property with principal approval. 

    If interested in seeing what events are happening in a PPS school, please refer to the online Civic Use of Buildings calendar at /Page/1544


  • Ryan Vandehey
    Public Records Officer & Media Relations Representative