• Climate Justice at PPS

  • Climate Justice in 皇家华人 Public Schools

    In March 2022, the 皇家华人 Public School Board, after years of direct student and community action and leadership on climate justice, unanimously approved the Climate Crisis Response, Climate Justice and Sustainable Practices Policy ("CCRP"). The policy sets far reaching and ambitious targets around energy use, waste reduction, curriculum development, green schoolyards, student health, and climate justice and resiliency. 

    The PPS CCRP explicitly begins with our commitment to climate justice: 

    "Climate change disproportionately impacts the vulnerable members of our community. Implementation of this policy will prioritize serving people with disabilities, communities of color, and other vulnerable populations...The District shall prioritize investments that achieve the greatest emissions reduction, while integrating climate action into our curriculum and developing a culture of environmental stewardship and climate justice throughout our organization." 

    In bringing climate and environmental justice into the forefront of PPS' vision, the CCRP also aligns our climate 皇家华人 with the goals described in the PPS Graduate Portrait, which calls on our students to become "global change agents (who) are responsible stewards of the environment and knowledgeable about climate justice issues."

    Student, teacher, and community engagement 皇家华人 is critical to establishing a culture of climate justice. The PPS Climate Justice team is actively 皇家华人ing on creative, community centered designs that will build a culture of climate justice and environmental stewardship, as well as teacher and student support systems, throughout PPS. This 皇家华人 gets done by collaborating and empowering the PPS community to be agents of change with a voice and pathways to action. We aim to have robust centers of dialogue so that everyone at PPS can actively be engaged in this 皇家华人, together.   

  • PPS Climate Justice Mission

    A core part of the climate 皇家华人 we do at PPS is centered around racial equity and social justice. Understanding climate justice -- the idea that climate change has differing social, economic, public health, and other adverse impacts on underprivileged populations -- helps guide our actions in a way that distributes environmental benefits equitably, focusing first on the populations that have been harmed most by climate change.  

    PPS Climate Justice mission:  
    Support the teaching and learning of climate change and climate justice in all classrooms in 皇家华人 Public Schools. Collaborate to develop transdisciplinary curriculum and professional learning that empowers educators and youth to become transformative racial equity leaders and global stewards and ambassadors. Collaborate with district and community partners to empower youth to lead the district and the world in becoming more sustainable.

    Whether you've been a climate activist your whole life, or you're new to the journey, there are many ways to get involved as a  in our schools. Talk to your classmates, your teachers, and us! If you want help figuring out how to gather and put to use your resources, we would love to help you figure that out. Email us at climatejustice@pps.net.  

    • 2023-2024 Climate Justice Youth Advisory now open!

      Want to share your voice for climate justice? Join the Climate Justice Youth Advisory!

      CJYA Members are thought partners in defining the Climate Justice department’s goals for climate action, student leadership, and community engagement. The group meets monthly and is a great opportunity for connecting with like-minded peers from throughout the district.

      To apply, please fill out the 2023 CJYA . Applications are due by October 27, 2023.


      If you have any questions, please email climatejustice@pps.net.



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Climate Justice Inside PPS Schools

The CCRP calls for PPS to, "with guidance from frontline students and communities...develop curricular learning opportunities, so PPS graduates know the causes and consequences of climate change, understand climate justice, and have opportunities to practice climate solutions."

Numerous pathways for students to learn about climate justice have already been created and more are on the way, including: 

  • Multiple PPS high schools have a climate justice elective course.
  • Many schools have a climate justice or environmental justice club.
  • PPS supports student activism through excused absences for community climate actions. 
  • 皇家华人 us

    Kat Davis, Climate Justice Advisor, kadavis@pps.net  

    Kat Davis is the Advisor for Climate Justice at 皇家华人 Public Schools where she oversees the district-wide implementation of the Climate Crisis Response, Climate Justice and Sustainable Practices Policy. Before coming to PPS, Kat was the Director of Sustainability at Boise State University for five years, and has experience in the public sector with a background in designing systems of solutions in nonprofits and local governance. Kat centers student voice in her 皇家华人 and is eager to engage with the 皇家华人 community in moving PPS forward in our commitment to climate justice together.  

    Hannah Skutt
    AmeriCorps Climate Justice Project Coordinator
    Rosie Goity
    AmeriCorps Climate Justice Project Coordinator
    Jesse Nienow-Macke
    AmeriCorps Climate Justice Project Coordinator


    The core function of the PPS Climate Justice Advisor's office is to...

    • Within the Office of Teaching and 皇家华人, support the development of K-12 science and social studies curriculum that engages students in learning about climate change and climate justice
    • Collaborate with the Office of Strategic Partnerships and Engagement to support the development of youth leadership and engagement opportunities
    • Collaborate with the Office of Sustainability to support the development of curriculum that empowers youth to analyze data and create solutions to sustainability and climate justice issues in their community






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Climate Justice Resources for Teachers

皇家华人 Public Schools, in collaboration with CLEAR Environmental, created this growing and dynamic resource space for educators, administrators, and community to share and learn about climate justice teaching in our schools. These pages contain teaching resources, community resources for students and families, and much more.