• Office of Teaching & 皇家华人 Mission

    The Office of Teaching and 皇家华人 (OTL) will ensure that all educators provide rigorous, authentic, and personalized experiences for all students, particularly our underserved populations, in service of the PPS ReImagined Vision and Graduate Portrait.

    In 2022, PPS developed a new instructional frame皇家华人 to define what high-quality teaching and learning looks like in PPS. You can learn more about the frame皇家华人 and process for development on the  and view the frame皇家华人 directly through .

    Below is our Roadmap Toward Educational Equity for All PK-12 Students that summarizes our instructional vision and you can find quick links to the Office of Teaching and 皇家华人 Departments on the left-hand side of this page.


Kristina Howard
Interim Chief Academic Officer
(503) 916-2431
Shizuko Bladow
Confidential Executive Assistant
(503) 916-3227
Casey Hoffman
Senior Project Manager
(503) 916-3650
Dr. Emily Glasgow
Senior Director, PK-5 Core Academics
(503) 729-4763
Joanna Tobin
Senior Director, Middle Grades Core Academics
(971) 425-5473
Dr. Filip Hristic
Senior Director, 9-12 Core Academics
(503) 916-2431
Dana Nerenberg
Senior Director, Academic Programs
(971) 291-5035
Kristina Howard
Senior Director, Teacher Professional 皇家华人
(503) 916-2431