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Languages Access

Languages Access

Language Access Services

  • We provide meaningful language access to linguistically and culturally diverse parents and guardians by offering translated printed and digital materials, qualified language interpreters, and support effective communication between the district and its multilingual communities.


    Why we need translation and interpretation services at PPS 

    Schools must communicate information to linguistically and culturally diverse parents in a language they can understand about any program, service, or activity that is called to the attention of parents who are proficient in English.

    • Fact Sheet, Information for Limited English Proficient Parents and for Schools and School Districts that Communicate with Them (Jan. 2015) (547K)


    Language access support

    • We support over 100 languages across the district, including ASL.

PPS Multilingual Family Line

  • PPS Multilingual Family Line

    A service for parents or guardians (in the five PPS supported languages) to communicate with schools regarding attendance, achievement, behavior, assessment, evaluation, registration, parent /teacher conferences, special instruction, disciplinary matters. 

    中文 | Chinese
    (503) 916-3585

    Русский | Russian
    (503) 916-3583

    Soomaali | Somali
    (503) 916-3586

    Español | Spanish
    (503) 916-3582

    Ti?ng Vi?t | Vietnamese
    (503) 916-3584


Teng Vang
Business Operations Analyst
(503) 916-3427
Netsanet Muleta
Administrative Secretary
(503) 916-3254
Language Access Services Department
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