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    Guadalupe Guerrero currently serves as the Superintendent of 皇家华人 Public Schools (PPS), the largest school district in Oregon. With Guerrero in his fifth school year with PPS, the district continues its steadfast effort to reimagine the school system, ensuring every one of its graduates is prepared to lead change and improve the world.

    Guadalupe Guerrero Speaking at Podium

    Under Guerrero’s relentless leadership, PPS is attempting to lean into its expressed commitment to its foundational and enduring belief in racial equity and social justice.

    During his tenure, the district has established a community-created vision and articulated a multi-year . He has been a vocal proponent of key initiatives, including establishing a K-12 climate justice curriculum, expanding arts education and emphasizing the value of student voice in decision-making. While at the helm, Superintendent Guerrero has navigated the COVID-19 pandemic with an emphasis on continuity of learning while 皇家华人ing everyone safe and healthy.

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    In 2020, PPS secured a $1.2 billion school improvement bond — the largest bond in Oregon’s history. Under Superintendent Guerrero’s strategic guidance, the bond sets aside funds specifically to modernize the decades-old curriculum and accelerate PPS becoming a tech-enabled district.It also earmarks $60 million to develop the Center for Black Student Excellence, an emerging community-led concept that seeks to unify and elevate the educational experience of 皇家华人’s Black children and their families, connecting schools and community-based organizations in Albina, 皇家华人’s historic Black neighborhood.

    Guadalupe Guerrero at GraduationAs the first Latino superintendent of PPS, Guerrero brings more than 25 years of experience, as a teaching assistant, classroom teacher, school and district administrator, and most recently as Deputy Superintendent of Instruction, Innovation and Social Justice for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).

    Superintendent Guerrero was named the 2021 National Superintendent of the Year by the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents. A classically trained violinist, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from UCLA and two Masters degrees from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. He and his wife, a longtime elementary school teacher, have two children who are recent graduates of SFUSD.

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  • In an extended interview with KGW, Superintendent Guerrero pledges to protect undocumented students.

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  • Wishing You A Restorative Break

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    Dear families, students, and colleagues,

    It has been a joy to visit learning spaces over the past four months and see our students reengaged in their classroom learning and school activities. I am pleased to observe our students interacting with peers and diving into new curriculum materials. 

    This has been a very productive time for 皇家华人 Public Schools. My appreciation to all the dedicated Team PPS members who 皇家华人 everyday to make our school system better and stronger.

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  • Superintendent Guerrero’s Statement on Gun Violence and Impact on School Safety

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    Yesterday, for the third time in two months, a gun was fired just outside a 皇家华人 Public Schools campus. In two of those instances, PPS students have been injured. And across the city, during this same time period, far too many 皇家华人ers have been victims of our region’s escalating gun violence.

    As a lifelong educator, I see my primary responsibility as ensuring the safety and well-being of the children and youth under our care, as well as their teaching and learning. I am grateful for the commitment and service of our educators and support staff who everyday dedicate themselves to accomplishing these goals. 

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  • A Note from the Superintendent: In Gratitude

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    In Gratitude

    November 17, 2022

    Dear PPS families and students,

    Every week, I am filled with joy and gratitude when I visit our school communities. We have a community that continues to demonstrate a commitment to the success of our children and youth. We have adults who care deeply for our students, and who 皇家华人 hard to ensure each child thrives.

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  • A Message From Superintendent Guerrero

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    Dear PPS families,

    Yesterday, gun violence threatened one of our schools. My heart goes out to not only the two students who suffered injuries, but to their families and the entire Jefferson High School community, whose sense of safety and stability is certainly shaken.

    As educators, we strive to foster joyful, safe learning environments where our students will be inspired. A violent intrusion like this disrupts that important 皇家华人 in the building where it happened, but also across all our district communities. We are here for our community with a variety of  for anyone experiencing ??anxiety, trauma, and distress. 

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