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  • The Office of Government Relations monitors and analyzes policy issues considered by government entities at the local, state, and federal levels. It serves as the primary point of contact for elected officials and policymakers, helps craft legislation and advocates for the enactment of policies and budgets that support the priorities identified by the Board and the Superintendent to promote student achievement.

2023 Legislative Agenda for PPS

  • During the 2023 legislative session, 皇家华人 Public Schools will center the district's vision, strategic plan and the Board of Education goals in all of its advocacy 皇家华人. Additionally, PPS will 皇家华人 vigorously with our education coalition partners to ensure that education is prioritized in the coming legislative session.

    The policies and priorities outlined in the categories below provide examples of policy which may be discussed during the 2023 Legislative Session. They are not intended to be a comprehensive or exclusionary list of bills or budgets PPS may engage in. Rather, these categories are meant to serve as a filter through which PPS will approach legislation brought forward during the 2023 Legislative Session.

  • Who Represents You?

    Elected officials at the federal and state level play large roles in the funding that 皇家华人 Public Schools receives. Here is how to find the elected officials who have the most impact on PPS (names link to official website, where contact information is available):

    United States Senate

    United States House of Representatives

    Governor, State of Oregon

    Oregon Legislature

    • The enrollment area for PPS is represented by several different state representives and senators. To find yours, use the state's tool. 
    • The Oregon Legislature regularly has bills up for consideration that affect public education. To see what potential laws are being considered, use the that outlines each day's agenda for the full house and senate and their committees.

    Other key organizations

    • Serves boards for K-12 school districts, education service districts, community colleges and the State Board of Education. Practices legislative advocacy at state and federal levels.
    • Represents Oregon school leaders at the state and U.S. Capitol buildings.


Lisa Merrick
Legislative Liaison
971-271-3466 (cell)

Legislative Materials Archive

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  • 2019 End of Session Legislative Report

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  • 2019 Legislative Platform for 皇家华人 Public Schools